Project Overview
This project is a UX redesign and strategy for Bitget Copy Trading.  It aims to improve the user experience for the current and upcoming Bitget copy trading universe.
User Research 
1. In-depth User Interviews: Gather feedback from actively engaged community users and collect internal team insights regarding the current project's usage and feedback.
2. KOL and Local User Feedback Collection: Collect feedback from Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and users from diverse linguistic backgrounds.
3. Data Analysis: Utilize existing data to inform redesign decisions and enhance decision-making.
4. Competitive Analysis: Evaluate solutions offered by competitors in response to user needs and demands.
Key Touchpoints
1. Emphasize copy trading on the home page, preferably customize the section for different users.
2. Easily to check out the gain and loss, access the landing page faster
3. Less Ads and promotion stickers
Design Strategy

1. Adding traders' profiles in between the market feeds
2. Shorten the user journey, adding touchpoints on insight, asset pages
Traders Profile +Insights web version
Basic App Data:
The click-through rate of the new entry point accounts for 23% of the total quantity. In the first month of launch, the click-through volume to the order tracking homepage naturally increased by 12.5% (December 2023, excluding concurrent agent clicks). 
The proportion of new users engaging in order tracking is approximately 20% of the total new Daily Active Users (DAU) as of December 2023.
新增入口点击数量占总数量23%,上线一个月跟单主页点击跳转量自然增长12.5% (2023年12月,排除同期代理点击数量)

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